Friday, February 02, 2007

FAITH: How to stand when you don't understand

by James O. Davis
Global Pastors Network

It is true that we live life forward and learn life backward. When the
Lord teaches us something in the light, we must not doubt it in the
dark. A faith that cannot be tested is a faith that cannot be trusted.
As ministers, we are called and challenged to fight the good fight of
faith. As we have just begun this new year, please know that there are
six lessons of God's love that will carry you through whatever you

First, we are governed by God's providence. The word "providence"
simply means to see ahead of time. God sees ahead of time for our
lives. He never learns anything new. The Holy Trinity never meets in
an emergency session and say, "This tragedy caught us by surprise. We
did not see it coming." Even though the tragedy does not make sense to
us, it always makes sense to God. God knows what is best for our
lives. What we may consider to be "bad" for us God may consider to be
"good" for us. We have come to realize that there some things in life
that we may want but do not need; and some things that we may need but
do not want. Only God knows what is truly best for us.

Second, we are growing by God's plan. We grow spiritually more in
sickness than in health; more in tragedy than tranquility. God's
primary goal in our lives is not to make us happy or healthy, but to
make us holy. It has been said, "We do not live our lives by
explanations, but by the promises of God." God's Word is still
faithful and reliable even though we may not understand what is going
on in our lives or why God has allowed a difficulty to come our way.
Faith is like film: It is better developed in the dark. Mother Teresa
once said shortly before her death: "You will never know that Jesus is
all you need until all you have is Jesus."

Third, we are graced by God's prayers. Even though we cannot see God,
He can always see us. He never takes His eyes off us. Did you know
that you are on the prayer list of Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is
praying for each of us. Sheri and I do not fully have answers for the
deaths of our daughter and son. We have to daily commit our lives to
God's will and wisdom. We must always remember that where reason
cannot wade, faith must swim.

Fourth, we are gladdened by God's presence. Have you ever wondered why
God takes so long sometimes to answer your prayers? Have you ever
wondered if God was going to come through for you? For Christians,
waiting time is not wasted time. While we are waiting on the Lord, we
must not forget all the times He has answered our prayers.
Forgetfulness leads to fearfulness and fearfulness leads to
faithlessness. Fear will make you sick and will shorten your life.
Fear will take the blue out of your sky and the joy out of your heart.
If the icy fingers of fear have gripped your life, then ask the Lord
to melt them away by His Holy Spirit.

Fifth, we are guarded by God's person. When Jesus came walking on the
water, He announced, "It is I; be not afraid." Someone has said, "The
will of God will never take you where the grace of God cannot keep
you." Whatever is over your head is still under the Lord's feet. Are
the waves of life crashing over you? Have you been panic-stricken,
filled with fear, wondering whether you will make it through your
terrifying storm? If so, please take heart; the waves that are over
your head are still under the Lord's feet.

Sixth, we are guided by God's purpose. What is God's purpose for our
lives? It takes us from one side to the other side. God's purpose was
fulfilled as He carried our children from this side of life to the
other side called heaven. Even though God has not promised us smooth
sailing, He did promise us a safe landing. God will make sure that we
make it through the storm and land safely on the other side. In the
near future, time, distance and gravity will simultaneously collapse
and we will be standing on the peaceful shores of heaven.

Please remember that the best is yet to come in the years ahead! Take
a moment today to pray for fellow servants worldwide who are facing
life's toughest moments, even death. Our Lord takes death out death
and the gloom out of the grave! Blessings!

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